Colorado Community Capital PBC is launching a series of Capital Communities as part of its effort to improve the capital ecosystem in Colorado.

Every organization seeking to raise money can benefit from drawing upon the knowledge, contacts and capital of a group that seeks to support their local community, their industry and/or a common mission to address a social problem: a Capital Community.

“A Capital Community acts like a volunteer fire brigade that comes together as needed, when needed, to support the capital campaign of an organization within their community.  A Capital Community may be framed as a geographical area, an industry, a social cause or other topic in which the members of the Capital Community have common interests,” said Karl Dakin, President of Colorado Capital Community PBC.  As a ‘crowd’, a Capital Community will augment the crowds of an organization through sharing information within their personal networks.

The first Capital Community is Space Capital Community.  Check it out.  https://www.meetup.com/Space-Capital-Community/  If you like it, please join.

The design, development and operation of Capital Communities will be the focus of ComCap Colorado conference to be held on February 1, 2017 where local capital is matched with local organizations.  http://www.comcap.us/colorado

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