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The Colorado Capital Congress is currently led by Dan Taylor and Karl Dakin.

Dan Taylor

4110 Tennyson Street

Denver, CO 80212

Phone: 720-280-3847

Email: dan@collaboration-lab.com

Web site: http://www.collaboration-lab.com/


Daniel Taylor has been involved in capital development for the majority of his career.   With a background in operations and management, logistics, franchising, business technology, and finance, a key theme in Dans’ career is entrepreneurship.  Some high points of Dan’s career,

-           Manager of  a 20 million dollar business unit with over 150 employees.

-           Implemented custom and semi-custom CRM systems for franchise systems up to 300 units and 500 seats.

-           Developed, implemented, and operated 3 businesses in the past 5 years

-           Helped business owners and entrepreneurs get financing for their businesses in one of the toughest capital markets.

Some of the things Dan believes strongly in,

-           Capital developed and deployed locally can have a tremendous impact .

-           Technology is one part of the answer to effective business operations, but it must be properly designed, implemented and stakeholders trained to have the utmost effectiveness.

-           Thinking local is important when think about the impact that you have on the world.

With his most recent experience with business financing with the Colorado Business Loan Agency and serving small business trough consulting at Collaboration Lab, it is apparent that Colorado needs the Capital Congress now more than ever. 

Karl Dakin 

7148 S. Andes Circle

Centennial, CO 80016 Phone: 720-296-0372

Email: karl@coloradocapitalcongress.com

Web site: http://www.dakincapital.com

Twitter: @KarlDakin

Facebook: Karl Dakin

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/karldakin


Karl Dakin is an expert in both early stage capital in addition to his exceptional array of skills and experiences.


A life-long entrepreneur, Mr. Dakin started his first business at age seven.  He worked on the family farm and in the family business, Dakin Implement Company, where he learned hard work and risk management.  He ran a custom hay crew during high school and supplemented his earnings working at a local gas station.

After receiving a Bachelors of Business Administration with majors in accounting and finance and a juris doctor degree from Washburn University, Mr. Dakin settled in Denver which he now calls his home.

His first job in Denver was with EduCo, a small educational company developing and selling classes on computer software and systems engineering.  Books and workshops were sold to Fortune 500 businesses and government agencies in North America.  Upon sale of that business, Mr. Dakin began practicing law which he continued under different banners for twenty years.  During this time he worked primarily with high tech startup businesses where his services including raising capital.

In 1983, he published his first technical paper on the capital industry, Financing High Technology Ventures, in a presentation at the Securities and Exchange Commission Government Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation.  His studies and writings continued with:

·        Alternative Sources of Capital Funding, National Association of Entrepreneurs Conference, 1986

·        Structuring Transfer Deals to Attract Investment, Proceedings of the Technology Transfer Society Conference, 1994

·        Why Venture Capital Won’t Work, Proceedings of the Technology Transfer Society Conference, 1997

·        Triple Bottom Line Investing, Colorado Environmental Business Alliance, 2005

·        Financing Startup Businesses, Product Development Management Association, 2006

·        Investment Scoring Systems, Colorado Company Magazine, 2006

·        How Much Money do I Ask For?, Colorado Company Magazine, 2007

·        Online Fundraising, Denver Fundraising Summit, 2009

·        The Capital Café, Revenue North, 2013 and Mile Hi Alliance Capital Conference, 2013

Mr. Dakin authored his first book, Technology Transfer: Financing and Commercializing the High Tech Product or Service, from Research to Roll Out, Probus Publishing, 1991.  He later published the book Introduction to Investing in Startups, 2011, which is currently sold through Amazon Kindle.

Early in his career, Mr. Dakin began speaking and teaching on a variety of topics regarding entrepreneurship, technology management and the law.  This work included the development of educational programs.  In 1983, he began teaching as an adjunct professor at University of Denver Graduate School of Information Management.  This was followed by instruction at Metropolitan State College, University of Denver University College, University of Colorado at Denver, the University of Phoenix.

During the last fifteen years of his career, Mr. Dakin has held various leadership positions with numerous businesses, charities and government projects where he held responsibility for raising capital.  He has raised tens of millions of dollars for different ventures. 

Beginning in 2006, Mr. Dakin started teaching workshops on seed capital funding.  He also published a blog on the topic.  As these efforts were expanding, the Great Recession began, challenging classical approaches to raising capital.  Mr. Dakin began exploring alternative approaches to raising capital leading to a seminar entitled The Capital Café presented in 2013.  An article entitled The Capital Café: Embracing Alternative Forms and Sources of Capital was published within the peer reviewed Journal on Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship by Bentham Science earlier this year.

Mr. Dakin continues to speak and teach on capital topics.  He is a coach on early stage capital.  He a member of the faculty team within the Bio-Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Center.

He is currently a member of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SOPE) and TIE Rockies.






720 296 0372

7148 S. Andes Circle, Centennial, CO 80016

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