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Local Money Marketplace will be an exhibition of the intersection between the Colorado capital ecosystem and the Colorado local food ecosystem.

We will enable local food businesses, social enterprises, charities and community projects by increasing their access to money, talent, equipment, facilities and other capital resources. 

Our goal is to establish Colorado local food sovereignty by filling the current gap between the local capital industry and the local food industry with new knowledge, tools and systems, community organizations and specialty funds.

This one-day action and impact Local Money Marketplace will feature:

  • ·         Exhibition of local capital sources (gifts, grants, investments, financing, partnerships, and programs)
  • ·         Exhibition of local food producers (land management, indoor and outdoor farmers, food processing, preservation and packaging, food stores and restaurants)
  • ·         Demonstration of Farm to Table
  • ·         Demonstration of an investment crowdfunding campaign
  • ·         An online matchmaking database of capital sources for local food (100+ and growing)
  • ·         Education on the new Colorado capital ecosystem
  • ·         Buy local programs and activities

Every participant in Local Money Marketplace will have an opportunity to:

  • ·         Get matched into a new relationship
  • ·         Join a Local Food Capital Community – a fund raising coop
  • ·         Practice professional networking (pollination)
  • ·         Invest in a Colorado local food capital campaign financing fund
  • ·         Engage in a local food taste testing
  • ·         Put their hands in healthy soil
  • ·         Become a habitual impact investor (buy local daily)
  • ·         Video record an interview
  • ·         Start a garden, join a community garden or launch a commercial greenhouse

A successful Local Money Marketplace will greatly improve access to capital for the Colorado local food industry resulting in improved health of Colorado’s citizens and the improved economic strength of Colorado.

The conference is hosted by Colorado Community Capital PBC, Carbon Neutral LLC and Local Matters LLC.

We are recruiting Partners to team in the launch of 20+ Local Food Capital Communities across Colorado.  The members of each Capital Community will collaborate in helping each other successfully complete their own capital campaigns.  We will support the establishment of multiple specialty funds to fill the remaining gaps in Colorado’s capital ecosystem for local food.

We are recruiting Amplifiers to spread the word about the Marketplace, host remote viewing sites and to recruit participation of Colorado citizens, local food organizations, capital businesses, service providers and community leaders.

We will invite everyone to become an Attendee.  We will broadcast the Local Money Marketplace across Colorado to remote viewing sites so that everyone can participate.

This initial Local Money Marketplace will serve as a prototype for future exhibitions where local capital will be matched with other local industries within Colorado.

To discuss opportunities to participate in the conference, please contact:

Karl Dakin, President

Colorado Community Capital PBC


720 296 0372

720 296 0372

7148 S. Andes Circle, Centennial, CO 80016

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