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A Pyramid Approach 

In conception of the curriculum design for Seed Capital 2.0, I envisioned a pyramid.
The top of the pyramid provides the broadest view - an executive perspective where a person can get their mind around all of the key concepts in order to make a decision where to act next.
As one goes down the pyramid from Level 1 to Level 5, there is more and more information.  The information becomes more granular, reflecting this richer knowledge.
I have designed the curriculum to be limited to a single course on Level 1 which is entitled An Introduction to Early Seed Capital.
On Level 2, I have set forth a process for completing a capital transaction.  This process is presented from four perspectives: capital builders who are seeking capital, capital sources looking to put capital to work, service providers who facilitate a transaction and help either the capital builder and/or the capital source and the community which seeks to improve the environment for capital transactions.
On Level 3, I have set individual types of capital transactions.
On Level 4, I have allocated topics on tools and techniques.
On Level 5, the bottom level, I have dedicated to case studies.
My goal is to create a coherent framework for all courses on all topics.
As with all discussions in this forum, I welcome comments, perspectives, and suggestions for improvement. 

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