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01 15 2013


[The Catalog is a continuing work in progress.  Anyone may suggest additional topics for inclusion within the Seed Capital 2.0 Curriculum.  Experts are sought to author Courses on each topic.]

100         Introduction to Early Stage Capital

                Status – Under Development

                Expert – Karl Dakin

         Description – This Course is the overview of the entirety of Seed Capital 2.0.  It is the blueprint for the entire curriculum as well as a quick walk through of the processes for Capital Builders, Capital Sources, Service Providers and Community.  It serves as a guide for identification and qualification of other courses that students may take.

200         Overview of Building Capital

                Status – Under Development

                Expert – Karl Dakin

        Description – This Course is an overview of the eight step process for completing a capital transaction from the perspective of a Capital Builder.  The Course familiarizes the student with the capital building process so that they may make decisions on engaging in a capital campaign, engagement of service providers, and choice of type of capital transactions.

201         The Purpose of Capital – Capital Builder’s Perspective

202         Your Building Capital Goal

203         Capital Source Candidates

204         Capital Transaction Options

205         Your Story

206         Finding a Capital Source

207         Making Your Pitch

208         Closing Your Capital Transaction

210         Overview of Capital Sources

211         The Purpose of Capital – Capital Sources’ Perspective

212         Your Goals for Putting Capital to Work

213         Capital Builder Candidates

214         Capital Transaction Options

215         Your Story

216         Finding a Capital Builder

217         Evaluating a Pitch

218         Closing Your Capital Transaction

220         Overview of Service Providers

221         The Purpose of Capital – Service Providers Perspective

222         Your Services Goals

223         Customer Candidates

224         Capital Transaction Options

225         Your Story

226         Matching Capital Builders and Capital Sources

227         Enhancing the Pitch

228         Closing a Capital Transaction

230         Overview of Community

231         The Purpose of Capital – Community Perspective

232         Your Community Goals

233         Project and Program Candidates

234         Capital Transaction Options

235         Your Story

236         Networking Capital Builders and Capital Sources and Service Providers

237         Increasing and Enhancing Pitches

238         Increasing and Enhancing Capital Transactions

300         Cashless Capitalization

                  Status – Under Development

               Expert – Karl Dakin

       Description – This Course presents a type of capital transaction where Capital Builder may obtain needed capital resources without raising cash to buy the resources.  The Course describes how to match capital needs with Capital Sources who may benefit from the success of the business.

301         Friends and Family Equity Offering

302         Intrastate Private Equity Offering

303         Intrastate Limited Public Registration Equity Offering

304         SCOR Equity Offering

305         504 Equity Offering

306         505 Equity Offering

307         506(c) Equity Offering

308         Public Equity Offering

309         Crowdfunding - Equity Offering (JOBS Act)

310         Crowdfunding – Gift

311         Crowdfunding – Product Presale

312         Grants

313         Gifts

314         Barter

315         Supplier Credit

316         Line of Credit Loan

317         504 Bank Loan

318         Factoring

320         Leasing

321         Licensing

322         Credit Card

323         Home Mortgage

324         Credit Card Loan

325         Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant

400         Building a Management Team

401         Building a Board of Advisors

402         Obtaining Endorsements

403         Business Valuation

404         Making a Pitch

405         Pricing Equity

500         Case Study - TBD


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