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Capital Cascade 12/2/2016

03 Dec 2016 8:52 AM | Anonymous

Space Capital Community

Colorado Capital Community PBC has launched its first capital community.  It is focused upon the space industry: Space Capital Community (a working name till a permanent name is created).  This capital community will support organizations within the space industry in raising capital.

Initially organized as a Meetup group, it is anticipated that the capital community may elect to become a legal entity.  It will present programs, develop products and provide services.

The initial program will be held on December 19 at the DaVinci Institute.  To register or obtain additional information, go to:

The program will feature the International Association for Astronomical Studies, a charity, that is seeking capital for development of additional STEM educational programs and to construct the Starhaven Observatory in Strasburg, Colorado.  An expert panel, with audience participation, will review different types of  capital (gifts, grants, equity investments, loans, revenue sharing, etc.) available to the charity from different sources of capital (individuals, businesses, foundations, customers, government programs, etc.).  In addition, a more detailed presentation on a particular capital source will be completed.  The program will close with a moderated discussion with attendees on how the capital community can provide greatest value to each member.

Information gathered from members and from each program will be compiled into a catalog of capital sources for the space industry.

The capital community may choose to provide coaching and other services to its members and to establish an investment club, an investment fund or an impact fund to finance capital campaigns.

Information gathered by the capital community will be shared with other capital communities serving local geographic areas, social causes and other industries within a network intended to improve Colorado’s capital ecosystem.

The capital community plans to participate in ComCap Colorado – the first statewide conference on community capital – matching local money with local businesses – to be held on February 1, 2016.  More information and registration is at:

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