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Space Capital Community

25 Nov 2016 12:22 PM | Anonymous

Company contact:

Karl Dakin, President or

Wayne Dicksteen, Director – Space Capital Community

Colorado Community Capital PBC

Main: 720-296-0372

A Capital Community has been established to support organizations in raising capital within the space industry.

A conference will be held to create and foster ‘capital communities’ across the State of Colorado to advance Colorado’s capital industry ecosystem. 

DENVER, CO—November 28, 2016—A working group has been established by Colorado Community Capital PBC to support businesses,  social enterprises, charities and community projects in raising capital within the space industry.

An exploratory meeting was held at the DaVinci Institute ( in Westminster on November 14, 2016 where participants received an invitation from Karl Dakin, President of Colorado Community Capital PBC, to establish a space industry themed ‘Capital Community’.  Participants included a book author, a developer of a Mar’s colony theme park, an astronaut tourism adventure, a developer of STEM education, an astrophysical observation center, a manufacturer of transportation vehicles, business consultants and a financial advisor.

Upon completion of the discussion, participants viewed the first episode of the Mars six-part series produced by National Geographic featuring Elon Musk and the efforts of SpaceX to put people on Mars.

The first program of the Space Capital Community will be held on December 19 at the DaVinci Institute, 9191 Sheridan Blvd #300, Westminster, CO 80031 at 6 pm.  It will feature a panel review of the International Association for Astronomical Studies, a charity, and its intent to raise capital to fund development for new STEM education programs and the construction of the Starhaven Observatory in Strasburg, Colorado.  It will be followed by a presentation on a capital source and discussion of future activities for the Space Capital Community.

“The programs of the Space Capital Community will be more like the peer to peer programs of 1 Million Cups and not at all like Shark Tank.  We are taking the collective knowledge of a custom crowd and focusing it on organizations that need help in raising capital.  As a Capital Community, we will all get smarter every time we help one of our member organizations successfully raise capital,” said Wayne Dicksteen, Director – Space Capital Community.

“A Capital Community acts like a volunteer fire brigade that comes together as needed, when needed, to support the capital campaign of an organization within their community.  A Capital Community may be framed as a geographical area, an industry, a social cause or other topic in which the members of the Capital Community have common interests,” said Karl Dakin.

Access to capital remains a key challenge to starting and growing businesses, social enterprises and community projects in Colorado.  Without capital there is less innovation, fewer new products and services and fewer jobs – all important factors in strong, sustained economic growth. 

With new state and federal crowdfunding laws and regulations, everyone is now enabled to invest in and provide financial support to a Main Street organization.  The United States passed the JOBS Act in 2012 and the State of Colorado passed the Colorado Crowdfunding Act 2015.  These changes enable public promotion of a capital campaign and the unlimited participation by non-accredited investors that comprise 97% of the population.

Space Capital Community (a temporary working name) will recruit people interested in the space industry, space travel and commercialization to come together.  These people may contribute their time, their network of contacts and their cash to advance organizations in this industry.

Over time, this group may elect to establish its own legal structure, either for profit or nonprofit, that may act as an association, an extension of an existing space advocacy group, an investment club or an investment fund.

The formation of the Space Capital Community is a step forward in the evolution of a capital industry ecosystem in Colorado.  The design, development and operation of Capital Communities are the focus of the upcoming ComCap Colorado conference that will be held on February 1, 2017 at the University of Colorado South Campus.


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