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Angel Investor Engagement

23 Jun 2014 3:42 PM | Daniel Taylor (Administrator)

Many angel investors have gone beyond simply making their money available to a startup business through an investment.  They have engaged in some level in the support of the business.  This engagement elevates their experience in making an investment and typically works to improve the success of the business.

  • Acting as a member of the board of directors
  • Acting as a member of an advisory board
  • Consulting
  • Acting as a sales representative
  • Introducing business to prospective employees, contractors, vendors and customers
  • Endorsing the business
  • Sharing information
  • Mentoring an officer in the business
  • Editing promotional and marketing materials
  • Critique pitch deck
  • Inviting business team as guests to events in which you are a member
  • Sponsor membership in groups in which you are a member
  • Working in a trade show exhibit
  • Arranging speaking engagements for business team
  • Serving as a test customer, test bed or other demonstration of product or service
  • ‘Like’ the social media posts
  • Supporting charity activities
  • Arranging discounts from your business
  • Talking with employees
  • And, introducing the business to additional investors

Some of these activities can be completed just for the experience and energy of an entrepreneurial environment, but others may be opportunities for additional personal revenue.  In any event, all activities improve the quality of the investment.


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